Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Scene 13 Blog

There's a great new blog underway for authors who have books being released this year, covering just about every genre from Middle Grade to Romance. We have monthly themes for the authors to interpret, mostly centered around writing, reading, and sometimes our personal books.

As January can be a time for making resolutions, or re-committing to long-forgotten goals, we thought it would be fun to post about what our main character's resolutions would be. It's been a blast to see everyone's amazing fictional characters come to life!

All I can say is, I'm thrilled and honored to be included with such a wonderful group. I'll be posting at Scene 13 on the 22nd of every month, starting today!

Check it out! And be sure to catch a few of the others while you're there. Some are downright hilarious.

Resolutions of a Descendant

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