Monday, March 18, 2013

Luck Vs Perseverance

If you need a bit of writing inspiration.... or if the thought "Some writers have all the luck" has ever crossed your mind, check out this blog. Scene 13ers is a group of fabulous authors (myself included!) who have books coming out this year. This month the theme has been "Luck Vs Perseverance".  I'll be posting "5 Ways to Make Your Own Luck" on March 22nd.

Whether it be luck or perseverance that gains personal success, one fact is certain--we've all worked our butts off to appear lucky.

Did you know... when a horseshoe is kept for luck:

Some believe the ends should point upward, creating a storage container that absorbs good luck. If it is tipped, the good luck falls out. (In that case, I wonder if you should tip it, so you can actually use the luck it contains!)

Others believe good luck comes from the shoe itself, and if the ends are pointed down, good luck falls upon all who are near.

Some people like having the protection of a horseshoe nailed over a doorway with the ends pointing down, so no evil can pass through its downpour of lucky goodness.

I have a few horseshoes that I've found over the years. I think they're buried in the garage, in what must be a very lucky box.


  1. What does it mean if you're tossing a horseshoe in the game and it breaks in half? :) Hee hee. That actually happened to my brother at a vacation rental that had horseshoes in the backyard. My brothers tried to glue it back together since we were renting and obviously didn't want to be charged for something that broke so easily. Eventually I think they just stuck it out in the sand as if it were still together so whoever came upon it would think it just got stepped on. But hello, it doesn't look like they'd be so fragile!! They're meant for tossing, right?

    On luck, this post is so timely for me because I'm finally applying the perseverance to get my work ready and out there, and also because the project I'm working on is about a girl with terrible luck who blames all her problems on said bad luck rather than doing anything about it. The turning point comes when she hits rock bottom and decides bad luck will not defeat her. It's embarrassingly autobiographical. :)

  2. Katrina, you are pure awesome. With or without luck, you rock the literary world. :-) And btw, your WiP sounds fabulous.

  3. :) I am a believer in making your own luck -- but luck actually does exist in the form of timing. That you can't control. All you can do is keep working on your craft and getting stronger and making sure that you are ready when the timing is right. :) I love the 13ers! So much inspirational a

    1. So true, Martina. Timing timing timing. :-)