Monday, October 14, 2013

Mini-Book Charm Adventures

Updating! I decided to give the mini books their own page in this blog... click here to see the gallery of examples made so far. :-) 

Ever get sucked into something different while you sit around and wait for the publishing industry? Well, that happened to me just recently, thanks to fellow bloggers Angie and Michelle.

However, with their insistence and encouragement, I decided to take my little creative endeavor to the next level—and I opened an Etsy shop for these adorable mini-book charms.

I honestly have no idea how much work I just created for myself, but special thanks goes out to Michelle, Angie, and AJ for letting me play with their covers-- your charms are in the mail!

The first thing I want everyone to know is that these charms are ONLY made for authors/ publishers/ designers (not fans) who have permission to use the novel's cover art for marketing swag, etc. Much like having bookmarks or postcards made for giveaways.

Who wouldn't want to show off their book everywhere they go?

The charms make great jewelry, key chains, handbag/purse charms, ornaments, bookmarks, or lanyard decor for badges at speaking engagements, conventions, book fairs, book signings ... you name it!

Each charm is handcrafted with YOUR cover art on the front and back. If you don't have a back cover, I'll choose a color from the front and make a blank one for you. I'll also put your name on the spine. 

~Acid-free pages are trimmed and layered to fit the dimensions of your cover. This book does NOT open when finished.

~High-gloss, color covers are glazed with acrylic gel for protection against normal wear-and-tear and water resistance (it's still paper.. can't be 100% waterproof).

~A small loop is securely embedded within the pages for extra durability. 

~As for size, each book will vary depending on the format of your cover. But I'd say it's safe to expect something around 1" x 1.75" x .25". (I'm willing to go smaller if you plan to do a bracelet with multiple books of a series—just let me know!) 

All charms will arrive ready for use, however, there are two variations: A simple charm by itself, or, a charm with extra bling added. (Bling would be theme charms and/or beads added to the mini-book, and either a ribbon/cord necklace to hang it on, a ball chain, or a lanyard (for you professional business types).

We can talk about focusing the extra bling on a theme, or I'll do my best to guess based on the style of the cover. I'll even run to the craft store if I don't have something that works perfectly. :-) 

I'll offer a discount for volume if you want to keep some on hand for giveaways or merchandise on your website or blog- just ask.

Any questions? I'll answer here on the blog. 

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